An Invisible Star

I see a star in the most beautiful blue sky. I wouldn’t want to be selfish, and keep it to myself. Naturally, I would like to share with other people. I make an attempt at showing it to them. They do not see it. I will give it another try. No, they do not see it. I am puzzled. What’s going on? Let’s take a journey in a dark sky and see how much fuel we can consume, if we ever reach a destination.

stupid people

The excitement of the shiny star gets blocked by the disappointment of dark clouds. How is it possible that these people do not see that star? Right there. In front of their eyes. Wait, wait, not with the speed of light. Some people say that they see it. Then they start talking about the star, which they claim to see. What they draw does look like anything but the star. Clouds are getting angrier and darker. Soon, they start pissing on these blind people.

stupid me

How is it possible that the shiny star is not visible to other people? Am I the only one seeing that star? How is that possible? Do I have some kind of special glasses? Wait, wait, not with the light of speed, is there really a star there? What if the star is not there in the first place, how could it be possible other people did not see it? Am I seeing a star which is not there? How stupid that is. How stupid am I to say that other people are stupid because they did not see what was not there? I was dark clouds peeing on people, now I am alone and stupid in a dark room. I do not see any stars. I am blind to any skies.


What if the star is there, some see it and some others do not? There would not be a stupid star, why would there be stupid people or stupid me? It could only be my star, only visible to me, until I find a way to make it more visible for us. Do I see other people’s stars before showing them my own? While we try to see this star, are we in the same place? Instead of deciding who or what is stupid, why don’t we just focus on how beautiful the skies, the stars, and the viewers are?


I am the sky. Both blue and dark. Any other color. Holding all kinds of stars. The only thing I can do is to make as many stars visible as I can.

Did you see the star in this sky?