Board and Mirror

Hey lovely people! I would like to share my story with a white board and a full body mirror (from here on, referred as simply mirror), and tell you how they are similar even though they are different. Finally, from those two steps how I reached the complete design of my dream room. I will give you a detailed picture of my future personal space.

white board

I recall that I had the missing feeling of a white board in my apartment in Istanbul starting somewhere in 2018-19. My plan was to invest in a white board in my next apartment in Europe. So it was one of the first things that I bought after I rented a place in Belgium.

For me, it has been useful for:

Even though some other usages appeared along the way, the initial idea was to dump what I had in mind on it. Oh, was dump such a rude word? Then let’s use some other expressions: printing out your mind, or taking a picture of your mind, or even drawing your mind. Okay, okay, I have a better one, having a reflection of your mind. Actually, that’s what it was for the last few months for me, the reflection of my mind. Even after some time, I started to take pictures of the board before a full clean, like an album of my mind over time.


The idea of a mirror somehow hit me even long after having a white board. Until yesterday, I did not have a full body mirror in my life. I had never felt the need to have a mirror. Only now I could say that I was always more interested in what was on my mind than what was going on with my body.

I was always surprised to see myself in mirrors in shops. That was not what I thought I looked like, mostly. I felt the need for a mirror while doing yoga. I started to understand why there are full wall mirrors in gyms. Overall, like any other measurement tool, it is just a quick feedback for your current body state or the representation of it. Are you fat? hunched? look shitty today? Need a shave? Need a haircut? New outfit? or who knows maybe today you rock more than other days, and you also deserve to know it, not just others.

I realized that now I have reasons to be aware of my body as much as my mind. So I decided to invest in a mirror, finally.

I would like to emphasize here, again, the great similarity of these two tools, even though they are completely different. How one reflects your mind and another reflects your body.

dreamy room

This brings us closer to the perfect room I fantasize about. As we all know, there are 4 walls in a room.

The third point is more interesting than it may sound. It is like a dynamic, live frame. Even better, if the weather is as dynamic as Belgium weather, with colors of trees, sky etc.

(add a pic from the office window)

Is having 4 walls a coincidence that it just fits those 4 elements? That somehow satisfied me. Could you match the following elements with each wall?