I know now,
What I feel today,
What I think today,
Will not be same tomorrow,
I know it happens,
I don’t know how it happens,
It gives me both,
Comfort and uneasiness,
It makes me feel both,
Powerful and helpless,
It fills me full of both,
Fear and love,
Hopelessness and curiosity,

I am not a part of any of this
I cannot touch it
I cannot hold it
I cannot stop it
It just happens.

If I know tomorrow is different,
Then what is today?
What is future if it is not past?
I don’t need answers,
I don’t need plans,
for my past,
Which is my future.

I know tomorrow is not today,
I don’t know who I am tomorrow,
Why would I live for someone else?
Why would winter plan for leaves?
Why would summer dream of snow?

This was written,
It just happened,
As part of other happenings.
Where am I in this?
I was just happened,
As part of other things,
Where am I in this?
Can I be left of any happenings?