In Pictures

Pieces of glasses, on the floor.
In smallest pieces, still visible to the eye, scattered all around.
It is the pieces of glasses watching itself.
The air can not help the pieces come together and make any sense of it.
They stay there causing bleeding until the day water arrives and washes it all away.

Pieces go under the water.
Becomes one with the water.
Stay in the darkness with the water.
The more is the amount of water,
the stronger the pieces come together, or they even disappear.
Ocean becomes home to the pieces.
Hugs them and holds them.
Ocean becomes the most comfortable bed to a tired body,
Ocean becomes the welcoming womb to an unwanted baby,
Ocean becomes the cave to a monster,
Ocean becomes the most fertile land for the lost seed.

Pieces get readier day by day.
Ready to surface, close to the surface
but still cannot make the jump into the sky, into the air.
Something holds the pieces back.
Pieces hit the surface, closest to air and light,
then have to go back down to water and its darkness.
Again and again, until pieces learn how to breathe deep in water.
There is an invisible separating wall between water and air.

One day comes the time.
Something arises in and from the water with the water into the air in waves.
Sky is not blue, and the sun is not visible.
Both are the dearest to the pieces.
Storm and rain are in full power.
It doesn’t look like a peaceful place, it is the most chaotic even.
Pieces don’t come together, the only way to the air is through and with water.
Pieces become one with the water into the air,
become part of the chaos,
become part of orchestration, orchestrating.
Pieces are still and dead on the ground.
Pieces are the best rhythm of life in the water.
What a beautiful private concert for me.
It is a show made of rain, storm, waves, and thunderstorms.
What is a chaos to pieces, is a beautiful show to me.
What is scary to pieces, is a comforting breath to me.
Pieces go under, I go above all now.

On the ocean.
In a bucket.
Between air and water.
I move with the waves like a baby in a cradle.
Water holds my fingers gently, I feel safe.
Sky has the most beautiful blue.
Sun races with the wind on my body.
I am left with the most beautiful air.
My eyes watch the birds. They dance for me.
My breathing is in sync with the rotation of the earth.
I hear nothing.