Today is a day with different people departing on different journeys.

One of them is going to his university’s town for his graduation year. His short trip into his journey is going to show him small fragments of his goals. They are related to learning a new language, high grades, physical health and beauty, employment or a master program. He has already tasted a piece of his powers. I wish him all the success and luck on his journey.

Second one is going to build his new life after graving a previous one. He is flying abroad, where his familiar reality ended and his dreams will take off. He is going through a divorce. Who would imagine one of your dreams could divorce your other dreams? He will have a chance to get to know himself in a different light. I wish him all the patience and strength on his journey.

Third one is getting married. We are going to celebrate his wedding day. We are going to celebrate their love today. Life sometimes gets easier with other people, sometimes harder. Why would someone pick a harder path? One sleeps in the same bed with another, but falls asleep alone. I wish them a lifelong happiness together on their journey.

These are only some of the stories I know. These are happening today. I am sure there are millions of other stories being written today.

A millions of different journeys are starting today.
A millions of smiles.
A millions of tear drops.
A millions of beginnings.
A millions of endings.
A millions of hearts beating and stopping for the first time today.

Could a single heart answer a millions of questions of a mind?

Some people’s dreams are the accomplishments of others. Some people’s nightmares are the realities of others. They are different at the same time, but they are the same at different times. Journey for each person looks different, it has different details, but the journey is always the same.

I am watching the drama of this character in the darkness of my apartment.
I am listening to his stories in the silence of my apartment.
I am not free, yet, not even during my sleep.
I am part of his journey.
I am not the journey itself, yet.