Judging Judgment

Let’s divide time in three parts and move between them. Those are yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Also, past, present/now, future. This division works for the life of an individual in the same way for the history of humanity. Let’s time-travel our judgment. What would happen if judgment judges itself? How does judgment affects living our lives?

I will use the word belief as an umbrella term for thought, opinion, judgment etc.


I had beliefs on things. I fought for them. I broke hearts for those beliefs. I lived by those beliefs. I underestimated and shamed people for that. I felt superior having superior beliefs.

This happened individually, but also collectively. As we look back into history, we easily see many examples. Some group of people fought and died for things which were thought to be the truth of all, the only truth.


I still have certain beliefs. Some of them are so different from the ones in the past. I still fight for them and break hearts for them, and the rest of the same behavior. I am the same as yesterday, only in a different color and shape.

This happens individually, but also collectively. As we look back into history, we easily see many examples. We feel shame for what was thought to be true and acted upon.

I am ashamed of what I did in the past. Do I see myself doing the same thing now that I might be ashamed of in the future?

We are ashamed of what others did in the past. Do we see ourselves doing the same thing that we might be ashamed of in the future?

Can you see that we are still in the cycle of ongoing shame?


My today will be my yesterday, tomorrow. It turned out that my yesterday was wrong according to my today. This has already been repeated numerous times that it does not leave any doubt. My today will be wrong according to my tomorrow.

Once I can see how this goes.
How could I ever dare to fight and break hearts for my current beliefs?
Would I even still have beliefs?
How could I ever stand still on my ground of beliefs? Wouldn’t that be foolish?
I am a time-bounded creature, how could I ever be sure of anything?

Does that make me only certain that I only know that I know nothing?

Could this bring some peace for now and future, for me and for all?

Could we still be certain that some of the historical events are bad or evil?
Could this also bring some peace for the past, for me and for all?

Could I just suspend my judgment?

Which one should I welcome? Supports for my beliefs or attacks on my beliefs?

What would be left of me if I had no belief and power of judgment?

Who would I be?