Known in Unknown

I am going to Germany from Belgium,
using a German brand car on German speed-limitless roads.
I am going from my known safe apartment to my unknown scary nature.
I am carrying my excitement for unknown and my fear of unknown,
in the same luggage.
I left my boring known home in the trash bin,
not recycled.
My mind is still when I am fastest.


A city is the color gray.
That is a place in my control,
A place that I can paint in any color,
any allowed color.
A city and its society have walls like my apartment.
This closeness offers me safety in my isolation.

Outside the body, there is an apartment, with its visible walls.
Outside the apartment, there is a city, with its invisible borders.
Inside the city, there is a society, with its rules.

What kills me in this safe place if not cold, hunger, and thirst?


A forest is the color green.
That is a place out of my control,
A place that I can destroy but can not paint.
A forest does not have walls.
This openness offers me creativity in my solitude.

Outside the city, there is a forest, with its darkness.
Outside the forest, there is a universe, with its emptiness.
Inside the outside, there is creativity, with its flow.

What pulls me in this dangerous place if not warm, food, and water?


I am a king of my own creation.
A creation, which is the result of my cowardice.
A cowardly king am I of my walled kingdom.
That tells me what I am in known.
I am curious of what I am in unknown.

Known is more like pile of shit.
I feel like having some appetite for a new meal.
If only I was not a lazy cook.

Unknown is more like darkness of empty.
I feel like going and getting lost in a new place.
If only I was not a lazy traveler.

Why am I so scared of the unknown?

Why do I feel so uncomfortable in my own comfort zone?

What mind is to body, is society to nature.

Does society let me live in its own apartments or does it let me build my own?

Which cities and apartments did we build in my mind?

Is there any forest left in my mind?

Apartments, cities, societies are masterpieces of human engineering.

What do these abstractions hide from me?