Lives and Leaves


Leaves are following the same path as humans.

In all colors and shapes,

Leaves are falling back on earth leaving their tree completing their lives.

The tree in winter. All alone. In dark. In silence. Cold and naked without its leaves.

How do leaves feel not being part of winter?

Why do even the tree give life to new leaves?

Doesn’t it know that they are going to leave him eventually?

Is it the leaves leaving him?

Is separation more devastating for the tree or for the leaves?

Is there a measure for that even?

One will find new leaves, others will find a new tree.

Does the tree know that he is a leaf of another tree?

The tree is going to prepare himself for new leaves.

The same cycle will go on.

Will other cycles be the same as the first one?

Why wait for another spring and summer knowing that fall and winter will follow?

Does the tree have any answers?

Why would it have any answers for the questions he doesn’t have?

Everything else in nature seems to be content with the winter of life.

What stops me from being content?

Who is asking?

Who is asking?