Source of Direction

Where do I go from here?
Why do I go from here?
How do I go from here?
What is wrong with here and now?
Who would tell me?
What would be my source of direction?

Can it be family, friends?
How about partners, societies?
How about media, government, religion?
What do you think of money, fame, material then?
Is success a tempting apple?
Could my source of direction be outside after all?

Can it be my emotions and thoughts?
Is running from my fear an option?
How about following my pleasure?
May I listen to those inner voices?
What if they are only reflections of what is outside?

Do I have any doubt of my hunger, sleep, or thirst?
Who tells my stomach, lungs, heart to do their own things?
How do they know what/how/why they do?
How is that they happen so effortlessly?
Do they even know about no pain, no gain?

Will I find a compass for my life?
Will I find a light as my source of direction?
Should I look for it anyway?
How would I recognize it even?
Will it guide me doubtlessly?
Who needs this guide anyway?
Will I trust it wholeheartedly?

What if I sit in my darkness?
Alone, can I feel it?
In quiet, can I hear the voice?
With eyes closed, can I see the light?
While still, can I move doubt-free?
Am I brave enough to jump the cliff to live?

What is the source of these questions?