sun and loneliness

I am there, watching.
Where the sun is rising.
Slowly, how beautiful.
Brings all the light and hope,
Sunshine soon will cover me,
All those colors, how magical.
I feel alive and joyful.
Soon, I will be filled with gratitude.
My palm will celebrate.
I will forget about loneliness.

I am there, watching.
Where the loneliness is rising,
Slowly, how heavy.
Brings all the dark and desperation,
Tears soon will cover me,
No colors, how scary.
I feel powerless and sad.
Soon, I will be filled with anger.
My fist will rebel.
I will think about the sunrise.

How is that possible?
Which one is you?
Wouldn’t you be both?
Wouldn’t you be in both?
What is loneliness to the sun?
What is the sun to loneliness?
How about clouds?

I know that,
the sun doesn’t rise only for me,
I also know that,
That loneliness is not only for me,
Still I don’t understand that,
How could I still feel lonely in that?