the strongest ones

“We are leaving. You are all coming with me,” he announced his order.

“Where are you taking us? Where is that place? Why are you taking us to such a faraway place?” she asked, her face shocked and punched with frustration. She protested; her face was her poster.

He was so sure of himself. He just let them know what was going to happen, to them, by his decision.

“I have my family, my relatives, my siblings, my life here. Why are you taking us somewhere we don’t even know the name of?” Her last breaths before death were spent in negotiation with God.

He didn’t repeat himself. The decision was made. There was no space for more talking, now only action! He was going to take his clothes, his fridge, and his family members with him. All had the same value to him; all were the same to him. All were his things. All were for him.

She just sat in her desperation. Like a zoo animal, in a box. Like a wild one. She could destroy the world, a world that she couldn’t reach, behind invisible bars. Her life was being taken away from her. Right there. In front of her. She couldn’t do anything. Nothing. Asking didn’t help. Negotiating didn’t help. Begging neither. She could only cry. She needed a pool of comfort that nobody could take away from her.

He, the strongest, watched her. He was seeing something different than what she was experiencing. He was laughing. He was the happiest. Her tears reflected in his smiling teeth. Her tears were blood around the mouth of a feasting predator. He was the king of the forest. He was the only one surviving today.

How could it be? How was this possible? How could you be so cruel, the strong one? Why are you destroying worlds while you could build them? How could you laugh while another suffers? How could another’s suffering be the source of your joy? How could you make another suffer for your own joy?

He wore his laugh as a medal of high achievement. He washed himself in her tears. He was the strongest one. His will was all there it was. He did exactly what he desired. He was untouchable, unstoppable. How strong are you, the river!

She, the other strongest, watched him. She was seeing something different than what he was experiencing. She was disgusted. She turned her face away from him. Her heart was blocked at that moment, like one holds their nose for bad smell. How could you lock your own self? How could you prison your own self? How could you live while your heart can’t breathe anymore?

How could it be? How was this possible? How could you be so frozen, the other strong one? Why are you carrying the worlds on your shoulders while you could walk over them? How much more can you endure? Why are you living another’s life while you could live your own? Where are your teeth?

She wore her tears. She drowned herself in her tears. She was the strongest one. Her will was none. She did exactly the opposite of what she desired. She was unreachable, unmovable. How strong are you, the mountain!

Do something! Don’t just laugh, the strongest one.
Do something! Don’t just cry, the strongest one.
Both of you, do something. I am begging you.

He was not strong, his anger was strong.
She was not strong, her fear was strong.
How human they were, how human.
Neither had a choice, they were both powerless.
Both equally human, both equally disgusting.

How come they are perceived differently then?
How human am I?
Do I have a choice?
Can I have a choice in this?