a flying tree

I arrived in this new place some time ago. I was rooted at this place then. Day after day, my roots have grown deeper into this land. I became increasingly emotionally involved and invested. I was affected by its air, light, and water in this environment. In return, I also affected the environment by providing shade, delicious fruits, and more. However, my leaves started scattering dirt all over the place, causing a mess.

I will soon leave for somewhere else. I will be rooted in another place. The same cycle will continue in the next place. This story has already repeated many times.

Now I find myself in the middle of two places. What an opportunity! It’s both scary and exciting. Uncertainty makes me uncomfortable, yet the unknown also fills me with anticipation. My roots have grown deeper than ever, making it harder for me to leave.

My wings have grown larger than ever; they will carry me away. Once the decision to leave is made, I am no longer rooted at the current place. I am unaffected by its air, light, water, and pollution. I have no desire to impact my current environment, either positively or negatively.

I am surprised. I am amazed. I am not a rooted tree but a flying bird now. I have no roots. I am flying over the place, observing. This realization makes me wonder:

When did I forget that I will die eventually anyway?