locked door

A small child plays,
His father is upset with something,
He beats his son,
The son is probably filled with anger,
Neither him nor his anger can escape,

A smaller child plays,
His big brother upsets him,
The big brother locks himself behind a door,
Now smaller child is filled with anger,
Neither him nor his anger can escape,

The smallest is stupid,
He does not know how to play the game,
How could the weakest find weaker?
He will be sitting in front of a locked door,
For years, keep knocking on.
What else one can do in front of a locked door?

He is sitting in front of a locked door,
His vulnerability becomes his prison,
His inaction becomes his weight,
His weakness becomes his meditation,
What could he do?

The power is sometimes physical,
Financial, social, political,
Hierarchical, emotional and moral.
Other times a locked door,
Is there any other form of power?

He sees what others do,
That does not look appealing,
He does not accept what they do,
He can not be the thing he rejects,
Does the locked door hold what he needs?

What a coward,
What a lazy
What a weak,
What a powerless
What a helpless person,
He thinks he is,
Now he is beating himself up,
By using power of words,
In another way, becoming what he rejected,
What a human!

He is disgusted by what is behind the door,
He turns his face,
He needs something different,
He is the one sitting in front of the door,
Not behind the locked door,
He realises.

This realisation changes his perception,
He is not imprisoned but free.
He is not a coward but a courageous one.
He is not restricted but expansive.
He is not made of iron but cotton.

He will reach beyond the locked door,
When he distance himself enough,
One day he will not see the locked door anymore,
That’s when he will see himself clearly.
That’s when he will see others clearly.