Two in One

I am half of mother, half of father,
Both biologically and psychologically,
I am as strong as each individually,
But I am as weak as both together,

They are both warriors,
They are both victims,
They don’t know how to leave,
They don’t know how to stay,

She rejects changing her situation,
She rebels in changing,
He rejects accepting his situation,
He rebels in accepting,

I carry both with me, in me,
I am her when I am with him
I am him when I am with her,
I am both when I am alone.

I couldn’t solve it with them,
It was not supposed to be my problem,
I am trying to solve now,
It become my problem,
I am at their war,
I was a referee then,
I am both sides of the war now.

I admire them as warriors,
I hate them as peacemakers,
I love them both,
I hate them both equally,
I am so far from them both,
I am so close to them both equally,

We are all three of us being the same,
We are looking for the same,
We don’t know to find it,
We don’t know to recognise it,
Will one of us find it?

Could a child give that to a parent,
Which a parent could not give?
Could I love her like a mother she didn’t have?
Could I love him like a father who didn’t reject him?