Waking Up One Hour Early

In this blog post, I am going to share my experience on waking up one hour early. There will be some tips, some activities and also some drawbacks. I should mention that I got the inspiration from Barış Özcan’s Youtube video. He talks about a technique called Do not Break the Chain. You can find two calendars; a basic one and visually improved one to keep track your activities. If paper is already too old-fashion for you, there are lots of web and mobile applications, which shows your progress and reminds you on regular basis. Now introduction is done, let’s talk about my experience with one of them, which is Wake Up One Hour Early.

Wake Up Early

I am sure that you all saw and heard how most of the successful people wakes up early in the morning. Being an early bird does not make one an achiever by itself. Things work differently for each individual and you could not know if it works for you without trying. Firstly, i will share some basic tips that help me get out of the bed.

Tips on Getting out of the Bed

What to Do

Now we are out of the bed, maybe even the sky is still dark. Look outside and see no light from other windows. That should make you feel proud. Drink some water if you have not done so. We do not have a lot of time(school or work in two hours) to take care of long activities. Let’s see what we can do:

The list above contains some solutions to the problems that I wanted fix. The next list is going to be the potential activities, which could be done in the morning ritual.


There should some reasons that everyone doesn’t give up on their sleeping time. I would be honest with you, it is not easy. In some mornings, I ask myself why I woke up. I do not want to eat, I am tired, and there is nothing to do except waiting the time to leave. Another problem is that opening your eyes in dark may not the best feeling on Earth. I feel more positive when there is already daylight when I woke up. This may or may not a problem depending on the time of the year and the location. As summer starts to show its face, the sky is blue earlier than the winter time. One more thing, in weekdays either you have school or work that you must wake up at some point. However; on the weekends, it is totally up to you to decide when you would like to start your day. I am not yet able to get up so early on the weekends. There are various reasons to fall a sleep late, also there is the need to recover your body on the weekends. Lastly and the most important trouble that you can encounter is feeling of being tired. Your body may need more time to rest and refresh itself, or you are used to get in to the bed in late hours. In the middle of the week, you will start to experience your energy drain faster, and you lose the time gained in the morning by not being able to do much in the evening. The key point point here is to be consistent so that your body will cooperate with you. If you sit at your desk all day, you should take some walks or even better exercise regularly. It will also help to watch out what you eat.

I tried to explain my journey with waking up early, and how it could help you to improve your daily life. One shouldn’t forget that there is no much pure good in anything. You should evaluate how it suits your schedule better. I would be glad to hear about your experience, ways to get more out of the extra free morning time, and of course how to overcome mentioned drawbacks.